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Al Jazira Poultry Farm

In 1999 the Al Maya Group partnered with Al Jazeera Poultry Farm LLC to establish Dubai’s first egg producing poultry farm. Inspired by Dubai - The City of Gold as it is commonly known, the eggs produced at Al Jazira Poultry are branded ‘Golden Eggs’. Fine quality and freshness have made ‘Golden Eggs’ the number one selling brand of eggs in the UAE.

Since its establishment, the farm has seen outstanding growth from a production capacity of 60 million eggs to 100 million eggs a year. Al Jazira is synonymous with quality and owes this recognition to its dynamic adoption of superior production processes and commitment to quality control. Using European based state-of-the-art equipment and systems; Al Jazira Poultry’s eggs are produced under extremely hygienic conditions allowing them to maintain rich golden yellow yolks. It is this meticulousness that has earned them the name, ‘Golden Eggs’.

In today’s health conscious market, Al Jazira has also succeeded in providing consumers with the best in nutrition. They are the first in the region to produce value added eggs, which includes DHA Omega 3 eggs, Lutein enriched eggs and eggs produced by hens that are nurtured with certified organic feed. These special classes of eggs have gained popularity in the neighboring countries of Oman, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait.

The quality, diversity and daily availability of the eggs have allowed Al Jazira to market not only to grocery stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets but also to resorts and five star hotels making them the number one selling egg brand in the UAE.


Umm al Momeneen, (Near Lisaily Village)
Al Ain Road, (Near Interchange no.6)
P.O.Box 835166
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tel.: +971 48326654
Fax.: +971 48326465