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Our History

Launched to meet an ever growing demand in the market for high quality products for infants and children – Mom and Me delivers a superlative product at an affordable price. Bringing a unique and innovative line of products from USA and Europe, the store offers a wide range of products ranging from nursery necessities, apparel and fashion clothing gifts.

As parents we understand the frustrations one may have with limited and unoriginal products an offer for children up to the age of 8. Mom and Me provides an amazing range of products for the little ones that ensures that parents are always spoilt for choice.

Our Brand Promise

Mom and Me will be one of the leading child-friendly stores in UAE, offering a spectrum of products that introduce new trends for kids up to the age of 8.

Fresh, unique, captivating – these are the three words that best define our range. Mom and Me inspires to supply top-quality products that trigger the senses of modern parents who want to provide their children with safe, fun and fashionable clothing. With an aim to offer the latest fashion styles at an affordable price for the target market. Mom and Me also assures quality. Understanding the pace at which trends in the market chance, we are also committed to update our collection on a regular basis, all available at extremely affordable prices.

Our Products

Mom and Me’s product range reflects a parent’s desire to want only the best for their child. Each item in our collection is carefully selected, produced and divided into criteria, to make it easily available to all parents. These categories include :

The collection included must-haves for every parent of a newborn and children up to  2years. Including basics like burp clothes, rompers and more, this range also features a selection of casual and formal layettes as well as sleepwear.

This category is focused on basic and fashion ranges for children aged between 2 and 4, It includes clothing items, such as playwear, sleepwear and partywear.

Catering to children from the age of 4 to 8, this category features a range of products that grow as per a child’s needs.  It offers wild collection in kid’s fashion.

Our Customers

Mom and Me is packed with a wide spectrum of quality products for children of varying ages. These products help create a warm and vibrant environment for the entire family. Keeping in mind the commitment taken to provide the little ones with safe products that are unique, Mom and Me has categorised their target markets. These are :

New Mothers
These are usually mothers who are buying for their first baby. Ensuring one-of-a-kind items that are fun and exciting, yet safe is sure to attract these customers.

Modern Moms
These mothers understand the need to buy unique yet affordable products that keep the little ones entertained.

Extended Families
For those looking for the perfect gift for the new addition to the family, Mom and Me offers a wide selection that ensures no two presents for the little one would be the same.

Our Brands

Mom and Me is the preferred choice of every mother and child. With world-class products and warm service, it becomes the ideal destination to delight parents. Serving the little ones with an exquisite product range that is current, fashionable and yet affordable, the love and care taken for each item sets the mark for our desire to serve fashion in a personalized manner.

Mom and Me incorporates within its umbrella, a number of global brands that share the same mission and vision. These include :

Little me/offspring

One of the best selling brands from USA, known to provide an excellent selection of layettes and playwear.

Blue Seven

Catering to children up to 8yrs, this brand is well known throughout Europe.\


With approximately 617 stores across the world, it offers a range of quality French products for children up to the age of 10.

Rose Pistol

Known to have approximately 750 retail outlets in USA, they offer a selection for kids from the age of 4 to 12years.


Providing quality items for boys between 4 and 12 years of age, this brand has approximately 1,100 POS in Europe.

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